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Studi di storia urbana

Anno: 2014


Numero pagine: 160

Prezzo: € 25

ISBN: 978-88-8368-128-8

Editore: Università degli Studi Roma Tre - CROMA


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Rosa Tamborrino Digital Urban History. Telling the History of the City in the Age of ICT Revolution - Anno 2014

Rosa Tamborrino
Is PhD, Full Professor in History of Architecture at Department of Architecture and Design of Politecnico di Torino (Italy), where she teaches Digital Urban History. She is Vice-President of the Italian Association of Urban History and directs its official website Her research focuses on urban history in a comparative perspective, on 19th 20th urban changes and cultural heritage, on museums and archives in their connections with the new media. Her publications include: ‘Searching for a state-of-the-art public space: city museums among archives and networks’ (“Planning Perspectives”, 2012), Guarini, Juvarra, Antonelli, Segni e simboli per Torino (with G. Dardanello, 2008), Parigi nell’Ottocento (2005).


ROSA TAMBORRINO, The Making and the Sharing History of the City for a Human Digital Age

DONATELLA CALABI, The History of Cities and the Digital Revolution
PETER STABEL, Opening a Pandora’s Box? An Essay about the Pitfalls of Digital History and Digital Heritage

MAURIZIO FORTE, Çatalhöyük: a Digital Approach for the Study of a Neolithic Town
JEAN-LUC PINOL, Mapping the Deportation of Jewish Children from France, 1940-1944.GIS, Memory and History
ALESSANDRA FERRIGHI, Urban History through New Technologies.
Visualizing Venice, a Pilot Project
JAAP EVERT ABRAHAMSE-MENNE KOSIAN, Plotting Amsterdam. New Techniques for Research of Urban Development
GIUSI PERNIOLA-EDOARDO PICCOLI, The City and the Regular Orders: Historical Research and Digital Processing of Sources

RENÉE KISTEMAKER-MARIJKE OOSTERBROEK, Amsterdam DNA. A 45 Minute Introduction for (International) Tourists to the Story of Amsterdam
FRANCESCO CECCARELLI, The “Bologna Dipinta” in the Vatican Palace and its Facsimile. A Project for Genus Bononiae-Musei nella Città

CAROLINE BRUZELIUS, Teaching with Visualization Technologies: how does Information Become Knowledge?
ROSA TAMBORRINO, Thinking in Time. Turin’s Digital Stories Originated by the Projects of Antonelli
NOEMI MAFRICI, The Exhibition of 1928 in Turin and its Digital Context
HARALD R. STÜHLINGER, Urban History and Digital Media in Teaching and Research

DAVIDE MEZZINO-FULVIO RINAUDO, GIS and 3D Modelling for Cultural Heritage

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