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Studi di storia urbana

Anno: 2013


Numero pagine: 256

Prezzo: € 25

ISBN: 978-88-8368-136-3

Editore: Università degli Studi Roma Tre - CROMA


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Calabi Donatella Built city, designed city, virtual city. The museum of the city - Anno 2013

Calabi Donatella
full professor of Urban History and vice-rector at the University IUAV of Venice. Has published works on early modern and modern European cities, with a special focus on their market places, their minorities and their cultural exchanges. Some of her essays have been translated into English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Hebrew and Japanese. She coordinates the Visualizing Venice project together with Caroline Bruzelius, which is promoted by the University IUAV, Duke University, and the Fondazione Venezia. She was the team leader of the National Research Programme of 2008 that is presented here.


Donatella Calabi, On the ‘History of the City’: its study, its use and its related institutions

Part I: Museums City Today: Big Cities, Small Towns
Guido Zucconi, Comparing Civic Museums to City Museums in the Age of ICT (Information and Communications Technologies)
Rosa Tamborrino, The city on display: ‘entering’ urban history
Keti Lelo - Giuseppe Stemperini - Carlo M. Travaglini, The Future of an Idea: the Museum of the City as a Laboratory for Urban History
Alessandro Martini, Digital history and participation. Museo Torino: ambitions, complexities and results
Giulia Vertecchi, The Museum of the City: a Way to Visualise Urban History?
Ludovica Galeazzo, Museums of the City in Small Centres: The Case of Montepulciano

Part II: City Parts
Elena Svalduz, Researching, Interpreting and Representing: Reflections on a Few Experiences (M9, Carpi, VV and the Accademia)
Alessandra Ferrighi, Visualizing Venice: A Series of Case Studies and a Museum on the Arsenale’s Virtual History
Isabella Di Lenardo, From calle to insula: the case of Santa Maria della Carità in Venice
Silvia Malcovati, The museum of reality: The story of the city as a project of transformation. The case of San Salvario in Turin

Part III: CartoGraPhy
Giuliana Mazzi, Giovanni Valle’s Map of Padua
Keti Lelo - Giuseppe Stemperini - Carlo M. Travaglini, Old Sources and New Tools for the Analysis of urban space: Eighteenth Century Rome as measured by G.B. Nolli

Part IV: Unbuilt Project
Stefano Zaggia, Giuseppe Jappelli’s Unbuilt Projects for Padua: Visualising an Imagined City
Gianmario Guidarelli - Ines Tolic, The history of the Civic Hospital in Venice (1797–2011) in the light of contemporary cultural and urban challenges

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