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ROMA MODERNA E CONTEMPORANEA » 1998/1-2 » Conservato e perduto a Roma. Per una storia delle assenze
ISSN 1122-0244

La Bella Carlo

Il tabernacolo di Innocenzo VIII a Santa Maria della Pace. Note per la ricostruzione

pp.177-194, DOI 10.17426/79980


Abstract: INNOCENT VIII’S TABERNACLE AT SANTA MARIA DELLA PACE.  RECONSTRUCTION NOTES In order to thank the Madonna for having healed his serious life-threatening illness, Pope Innocent VIII (1484-1492) erected a sumptuous marble tabernacle to protect the image of the Madonna della Pace venerated in the homonymous church. The article sets forth a proposal for the reconstruction of the original lay-out of this tabernacle which was dismantled and used for other purposes during the seventeenth century. The reconstruction project is based on the remnant sculpted fragments with the aid of documentary and visual information. The importance of this tabernacle lies in its marble composition and triumphal arch, a characteristic product of the late fifteenth century Roman antiquarian culture. The tabernacle, which was erected by “murator” Pasquale da Caravaggio, had been created by in the workshop of Andrea Bregno.  
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  • DOI: 10.17426/79980
  • citazione: C. La Bella, Il tabernacolo di Innocenzo VIII a Santa Maria della Pace. Note per la ricostruzione, "Roma moderna e Contemporanea", VI/1-2, pp.177-194, DOI: 10.17426/79980
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