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ROMA MODERNA E CONTEMPORANEA » 1998/1-2 » Conservato e perduto a Roma. Per una storia delle assenze
ISSN 1122-0244

Mazzarelli Carla

Villa Bolognetti fuori Porta Pia: riscoprire un luogo attraverso i documenti

pp.157-166, DOI 10.17426/63914


Abstract:  VILLA BOLOGNETTI AT PORTA PIA: THE DOCUMENTARY REDISCOVERY OF AN AREA The Bolognetti, a Bolognese family who settled in Rome in the sisteenth century, progressively accumulated prestige in the Papal city. The definition of areas related to the family, such as their residence and private chapel, are clear evidence of this growth. An emblematic example of the family’s demand for social recognition was the villa outside of Porta Pia, acquired from Conte Paolo in 1687. New documents that have been found in the state archives describe the lay-out of both the interior and exterior of the prestigious residence which was completely demolished at the beginning of the century. The documents show the expansion of the villa from its original nucleus through a series of enlargements and its increasingly scenic and mundane atmosphere. The family architect responsible for the villa was Nicola Salvi.
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  • DOI: 10.17426/63914
  • citazione: C. Mazzarelli, Villa Bolognetti fuori Porta Pia: riscoprire un luogo attraverso i documenti, "Roma moderna e Contemporanea", VI/1-2, pp.157-166, DOI: 10.17426/63914
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