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ROMA MODERNA E CONTEMPORANEA » 1998/1-2 » Conservato e perduto a Roma. Per una storia delle assenze
ISSN 1122-0244

Marseglia Paola

Villa Strozzi sul Viminale

pp.135-155, DOI 10.17426/81016


Abstract:  VILLA STROZZI AT THE VIMINALE Villa Strozzi has belonged the Frangipane family since the fourteenth century, but in 1619 it was acquired by Leone Strozzi who required a suburban residence. Strozzi used it to display his rich collection of ancient and modern sculptures, among which San Lorenzo sulla Graticola, an early work by G. L. Bernini. This is the only sculpture that has been identified and that was not lost after the destruction of the villa. Seventeenth century documents indicate Pietro Bernini as the author of groups and statues for the garden, but these sculptures have not yet been recovered. The villa acquired its definitive appearance between 1643 and 1705 under the ownership of Luigi Struzzi, who also showed interest for the viridarium and the collection of sculptures that adorned the villa.
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  • DOI: 10.17426/81016
  • citazione: P. Marseglia, Villa Strozzi sul Viminale, "Roma moderna e Contemporanea", VI/1-2, pp.135-155, DOI: 10.17426/81016
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