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CITTÀ & STORIA » 2011/1 » L'Aquila oltre i terremoti. Costruzioni e ricostruzioni della città
ISSN 1828-6364

Cardano Nicoletta

Giorgio de Marchis e la Fondazione Giorgio de Marchis Bonanni d'Ocre

pp.261-295, DOI 10.17426/44316


Abstract: Giorgio de Marchis (L’Aquila 1930-Rome 2009) art historian and critic, journalist, writer, was a protagonist in the Italian artistic and cultural life from the early sixties, holding positions of public responsibility (first fine arts inspector, then director and finally superintendent of the National Gallery of Modern Art; director of the Italian Cultural Institute in Tokyo; main inspector at the Ministry of Cultural Heritage). In 2004 he founded the «Giorgio de Marchis Bonanni D’Ocre Foundation» with its seat in the palazzo Simeonibus in L’Aquila with the purpose of preserving, augmenting and making available the library and documentary archive of contemporary art collected during his career as scholar and critic. The purpose of this cultural initiative is to provide the city of L’Aquila with a potentially important structure for the study of contemporary art. In 2009 with Giorgio de Marchis’ death and the subsequent earthquake, the Foundation has been forced to find another organizational arrangement and to recover and order the archival material in a new location offered in the State Archive in Bazzano. The article, that covers the significant aspects of de Marchis’ activity as a critic, is accompanied by a bibliography of his writings. Referenze
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  • DOI: 10.17426/44316
  • citazione: N. Cardano, Giorgio de Marchis e la Fondazione Giorgio de Marchis Bonanni d'Ocre, "Città & Storia", VI/1, pp.261-295, DOI: 10.17426/44316
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