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CITTÀ & STORIA » 2011/1 » L'Aquila oltre i terremoti. Costruzioni e ricostruzioni della città
ISSN 1828-6364

Properzi Pierluigi

L'urbanistica e i terremoti nella costruzione della forma urbana

pp.189-206, DOI 10.17426/79742


Abstract: The urban form in the disciplinary conception that derives from Francesco Saverio Muratori and from Aldo Rossi has produced assessments, some of which constitute important references also in city «plan» perspective. With Saverio Muratori’s model the mechanisms of property value lost their central role and were reduced to mere stimula for the building cycles. The construction of urban form was understood to be a cooperative process moving towards a whole based on an aesthetic, agreed upon by the individual players, shaped by a stratification of architectural events. This stratification deserves further investigation: in fact, while considered to be an effect of the events and the spatial and temporal sequences due to serial and specialized factors, it is itself one of the driving force behind the planning of the city. The example of L’Aquila, both for the abundance of documentary and iconographic sources, and for the coexistence of diverse urbanization processes following a sequence of earthquakes, allows us to reflect on a few aspects: urban form, earthquakes and city planning, the last intended not only in terms of twentieth century technical building regulations. The case is discussed according to three interrelated aspects: the role of the permanent social capital constituted by the urban framework in post seismic reconstruction; the role of building cycles in the reconstruction phases; planning as a reinterpretation of the urban form.
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  • DOI: 10.17426/79742
  • citazione: P. Properzi, L'urbanistica e i terremoti nella costruzione della forma urbana, "Città & Storia", VI/1, pp.189-206, DOI: 10.17426/79742
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