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Anno 2016

Keti Lelo, Carlo M. Travaglini, An insight into Eighteenth Century Rome from Archival Sources to the Web

This volume focuses on eighteenth-century cartographic and documentary sources for the city of Rome.
In it we present some of the results from the «Atlante di Roma moderna» project, promoted by CROMA (Centro di ateneo per lo studio di Roma). This project provides guidelines within the Italian panorama concerning the use of historical sources and new technologies in the analysis of urban space, and for the publication of such findings.
«Eighteenth century Rome from archival sources to the web» is a journey into the city through the New Map of Rome (La Nuova Pianta di Roma), published in 1748 by Giovanni Battista Nolli, and other contemporary sources rooted firmly in the urban context.
La Nuova Pianta provides a detailed image of Rome after the great urban developments of the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Its geometric precision and the indexing of all ‘important’ buildings offer extensive insight into the eighteenth century city’s form and functions, allowing for detailed spatial analysis using GIS technology.
The original complete versions of the Nuova Pianta and the contemporary Descrizione de’ rioni di Roma by Bernardino Bernardini are published alongside the digital version of the historical map and integrated with detailed descriptions derived from Bernardini’s text. A rich catalogue of archaeological structures identified in the Nolli Preparatory Drawing and described by Ferdinando Mariani during the surveying operations of the map enriches this collection with comprehensive information on antiquities.
The materials published in this volume are introductory to our Historical web GIS that represents an easy to use tool for discovering Rome in the eighteenth century.

Keywords: Urban History; Historical Cartography; Documentary Sources; Gis; Rome


Numero pagine: 282

Editore: Universita' degli Studi Roma Tre - Centro di ateneo per lo studio di Roma (CROMA)

Luogo di pubblicazione: Roma

Prezzo: € 25

ISBN: 978-88-8368-172-1


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Preface - p.IV
Acknowledgements - p.V
The Nolli Map, an Unparalleled Feat of Historical Cartography - p.VI

Preparatory Drawing for Pianta Grande di Roma - p.2
The Original Copper Plates for Pianta Grande di Roma - p.16
G.B. Nolli, Nuova Pianta di Roma - p.29
B. Bernardini, Nuovo ripartimento de’ rioni di Roma - p.52

Digital Version of Pianta Grande di Roma - p.89
Numerical Index of Pianta Grande di Roma - p.128
Alphabetical Index of Pianta Grande di Roma - p.149
Description of the Antiquities - p.201
Alphabetical Index of the Antiquities - p.250

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